Glory Pipes

Solar and Interactive Sculptures!

We are very proud of the entire range of sculptures we are able to produce. We think they are particularly applicable in this age in which we expect high stimulation and interactivity with our environment, but have the overarching need to be conscious of the environment and our use of energy.


All of the sculptures we design can be configured to be wired into an outlet or solar powered.  This is due to the highly energy efficient LEDs and PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) lighting control scheme.  Believe it or not, we actually used a bit of the cutting edge neuroscience from one of our dissertations to develop unique Psychophysical algorithms to optimize the energy use while creating the greatest visual intensity.  For instance, the sculpture pictured uses less power than a single light bulb, even though it has 30 bright and intensely lit openings.  Additionally, the sculpture KNOWS when no one is watching.  Utilizing motion sensors, the sculpture can enter a lower energy mode, reducing its power use five times further than its already-low power consumption, while still producing an appealing ambient glow and rotation of colors and patterns.

Customization, Variety, Interactivity

The entire class of sculptures we design are intended to be interactive, fun, and energy conscious.  They can be configured for a variety of interactive effects and customized for random color and lighting patterns, ranging the full gamut of colors and effects (from throbbing waves of light, glory-pipes-09-07-10-still-night-pix-008 to attention getting flashes of color).  Interactivity can be created through a variety of sensors including ambient temperature, time of day or year, sound, motion of passers by, or even detection of people touching the sculpture itself.


The pictures and video on this site show just a few of the possible lighting colors and patterns that this sculpture is capable of producing.  Sadly, there isn’t a way to capture the way the sculpture draws the viewer in and engages them while viewing it.  People often watch, becoming intrigued with a particular pattern or color which “speaks” to them, and eagerly try to trigger the motion sensors to entice the sculpture back to a pattern they particularly liked.


Glory Pipes is currently on a temporary installation for the City of Roanoke, Virginia through February 2012.


This project was funded by the city of Roanoke, VA through their public art program “AIR: Art In Roanoke Temporary Art Exhibition 2010-2012″. Major support was provided by Advanced Circuits who were a great help in obtaining quick turn low cost printed circuit boards.  I use them in my engineering business as well as for art projects.  We couldn’t recommend them enough!



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