Colorful Cubic Calliope

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What is it?

Commissioned by the City of Glendale, AZ, Stephen Fairfield and Patrick Marcus created a new media interactive sculptural environment – The Colorful Cubic Calliope for the city’s 28th Annual Jazz and Blues Festival (04/8-10/2011). Calliope contains a large number of light emitting diodes (LEDs) installed in apertures within four 7” dia. x 10’ T aluminum pipes set in a cubic framework. Microprocessors and custom software control the LEDs. Viewer/participant actions – dancing and moving around the pipes – trigger floor switches that change the computer program and generate a continuous display of colors, patterns and frequencies from the LEDs in response to music during the festival. “Playing” the installation to accompany the live jazz music from the adjacent stage was a very popular activity with festival attendees of all ages.

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